Cottage and Camping Tents Manufacturers

Morden and Young Indian travellers’ mood and tests are changing nowadays. The travellers age between 14-35 like to explore different types of expeditions they leaving traditional culture of tours, people like to travel with some experience. They like Bike tours, camping, Cycle tour, Tracking, angling, rafting something adventures and unique. Keep this changing trends luxury as well as budget resorts, are also started pitching Cottage Tents in resorts. As one of the old travel agency of Delhi India we came across with various camping and cottage tents manufacturers of India to full fill Traveller’s and hotelier’s demand on the concept of Vocal for Local and Make in India themes. Our all manufacturer’s raw material and equipment’s are Indian only. There are various types of camps and cottages are available with us. Easy to install, easy to transport, Eco friendly and movables also.

Types of Tents, Camps and Cottages are:

 Camping Tent Manufacturer :  

Camping Tents are used during tracking. These tents are in easy to carry with your leagues and easy to pitch. The rod/sticks are also foldable. The camping tents are in normally one, two, three & four men tents.

   Swiss Cottage Tent Manufacturer : 

Swiss Cottage tents are used to be attached washroom and shit out area in front of camp. Swiss tents are generally used in desert and hills area of India. We are manufacture of Swiss cottage tents in different size and shape.

   Relief Tent Manufacturer :   

As it name defines Relief tents, basically used in emergency section, Relief tents are easy to install and carry, it works in every conditions and weather.

Resort Tent Manufacturer :   

Resorts tents are upgrade version of Swiss Cottages Tents; once you enter in the Resorts Tents it will be very difficult to find difference between rooms and tents. Less of all kind of luxury elements are inbuilt in the tents.


  Safari Tent Manufacturer :  

 Safari Tents are generally people carry in Forest area for Jungle safari seasons. It was earlier also used by the solders in the time of Mughals for Night stay of their Army

Canvas Tent Manufacturer :   

Canvas Tents are made with canvas with multi layer like Outer Body, Inner with dissent and Main Tents. Inner are used for Interior design and outer for is use for roof to save the tents from sun, rain and wind.

  Bell Tent Manufacturer :

 Bell tents are family use tents used to place at Garden area of House or close to swimming pool; people use it for house party and addiction guest accommodation. While it is also keep mind easy accessible of washrooms to guests.

 Chaupal Tent Manufacturer :

 Chaupal tents used for VIP seating area in functions or centre of attraction like Mandap during wedding, Setting area for leaders during mohalla visit etc.

 Army Tent Manufacturer :

 It is made on demand of Clint’s, the pole, Structure, Shape, and quality matters.

 Garden Tent Manufacturer :

Garden Tents are used in gardens kind of canopy to make your garden area more beautiful.

Mughal Tent Manufacturer :  

During War period at the time of Mughals the tents are used to place for stay of Kings for their night stay in or around war area. Now days it is symbol of Royalty. Tourist love to stay in such camps for night or two. We manufacture all high quality and budget quality camping tents. All Exporter quality requirements fulfilled by us. We customized design we use prints of your choice. After sales services also provided by the team.

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