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Before knowing about event management companies, you must know what exactly ‘Event Management’ is. How does it operate? What are its scopes? What type of people it attracts? Who wants to indulge in this field? Well we are human beings and before knowing anything, we arise so many questions and in this internet based generation, everybody looks after their benefits.

Event Management company as the name itself gives you cool enough insight can be understood as companies managing events. Well why do people need this type of companies? Today almost all the events take place in larger scale whether they are birthdays, anniversaries or corporate meetings. Hence event management is a service where associates take the responsibilities of the events of their clients in the form of project and fulfill them in a given time with all the planning, team work and resources.

Event Management is emerging as a large and growing industry and today it has become a highly demanding service sector. Everybody requires it either in celebration or in commemoration.

The scope of this industry is growing day by day among people who are willing to showcase their own events in an effective way. It has become a major way of marketing via advertisement. If you are a person who loves managing bunch of people and who can take the stress of the hustle and bustle of events, then you must jump into this demanding field. A company which always understands its clients and their requirements for any event and makes it more amazing with their innovative skills is a good event management company.

One of the attractive event management consists of tourism. Event tourism is widespread all over the world. People love to discover the unknown places when they get a supporting agency that helps them in exploring the unknown and also makes their journey memorable. One of the best ways of accomplishing this is accompanied by events near the destinations. Events in form of tours are so popular these days.

Mostly three types of Event Managements are prevalent.

  • Corporate Event Management handling corporate meetings, seminars, conferences, training programs, annual picnics and award functions.
  • Social Event Management handling movie promotions, celebrity nights, music or video release, college events, cultural events, exhibitions and fairs.
  • Personal Event Management handling weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, get together and parties.


As Event management company Trvme.Com provides all kind of event related services.

Trvme as a wedding planner arranges all communities wedding arrangements in India. We arrange every type of wedding such as traditional Hindu, Muslim, Christian wedding, beach wedding, jungle wedding, destinations wedding and related tour packages, Royal Wedding from deciding the venue to decorating the honeymoon bed. We design the wonderful theme, print invitations, mandap design, provide pandit and officiants of other communities as well, catering, fireworks, and hotel and care bookings. We take care of our wedding plan from pre marriage ceremony to post marriage ceremony.  We make your wedding you have never imagined before.

Trvme as a birthday planner arranges all kind of themes with balloons, lights setting, cartoon character theme and catering. We have hosted many wonderful birthdays.

Trvme as a corporate event planner arranges all the events of a company. For corporate meetings, it focuses on the initiative of the meeting and arranges things accordingly. If a company is having their meetings, seminars or conferences in other parts of India or in abroad, Trvme arranges their trip as well.

Trvme as a social event planner handles social functions by providing the setup, sounds, sitting arrangements, foods, video shoot and fulfills all the needed requirements.

Trvme as an event management company ensures all the responsibilities of the event and have always been appreciated by its clients. Trvme serves as a reliance of almost all type of events.

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