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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update –

Searching for the Best PPE Kit’s Face Shield Manufacturers?

Your search is over now! With a large team of high skilled professionals and technical experts, we are the leading Face Shield manufactures in India. Being an essential part of PPE kit, the demand of high quality face shield is rising day by day.
Medical experts as well as other professionals of essential services are required to carry appropriate preventive measures. As concluded by numerous experiments, Doctors and other Medical Experts suggested that corona virus enters human body through nose, eyes, ears and mouth. As a preventive measure, everyone should protect their face to come in contact with any foreign particle.

The world is struggling with global pandemic, Covid-19. This dangerous virus has shaken the roots of the entire world economically and in terms of health as well. The number of affected people is increasing each and every day with a great pace. As no vaccine has been developed till date, preventive care is the only option. Face Shield is an essential part of PPE Kit which protects the human face from coming in contact with any foreign/virus particle.
Most of the professionals are advised to work from home till this lockdown period. Some of the essential services are allowed in this lockdown period but with appropriate preventive care. Whether they are guards, medical professionals, policemen or any other professionals who have to continue their services in the lockdown period, this part of PPE kits (Face Shield) must be used as an essential preventive care.

The entry of large number of PPE kit manufacturers into this market has raised the competition level. Even some of the manufacturers have compromised with the quality of the material which is not a good gesture. At our manufacturing units, acrylic face shields (a part of PPE kit) are manufactured. We produce high quality acrylic face shields and ensures that the wearer can prevent him/herself from any foreign particle or virus/bacteria.

Traders, hospitals as well as retailers desire to buy Face Shields at minimum possible prices without compromising the quality.

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