Marriage Planning

marriege planners

For some, It is a ‘dream’ since they started their childhood marriage games, and for some it is a nightmare, they wish to avoid for the longest while – Marriage! As they say marriage is something you cannot ignore, specially if you belong to India, a country of beautiful bonds and relationships. For some it is the purest form of love while for some, it is just a ceremony which cannot define the depth of their love. ofcourse, each person in this world wants to find their soulmate and have someone to hold hands even in their 80’s. However , marriage for the longest time, has been labelled as something which approves or legalises the relationship between a man and a woman. In my personal opinion, thoughts and emotions are not entirely based on some sort of ceremony which we call ‘marriage’. Two people bound in love can cross any boundaries for each other ,so ofcourse, they do not require any sort of proof of their emotions. It totally depends on one’s belief that they want to give their relationship the name of marriage. Indian parents have had this thinking for years now, that there is a particular ‘right’ age to get married. Obviously they try to find , rather ‘arrange’ a best match for their child. No doubt the fact is that they know the best for their child. However, in this era of tinder and facebook, any independent youngster wants to decide who they want to date and after being in a relationship for a few years, they finally decide if they can marry that person.  Hence,in my opinion it should never be a compulsion from the society for anyone to get married at the right age, because there is no right time to fall in love.

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