Rope Course Adventure Set Up

Rope Course Adventure Set Up, Adventure Park Setup Builder

TrvMe is one of the Renaud names in adventure tourism in India. We are experts in the setup of High Rope Course adventure Activities and Setup of Adventure parks for Hotels, resorts, camping sites, schools, parks. For extra revenue various resorts like to setup adventure activities on their premises, For daily psyche exercise of students schools use to install Adventure setups, Amusement parks also start setting up the Rope Corse adventure activities for winters, To increase footfall Malls and multiplex started providing Adventure set up indoor and outdoor too. Team TrvMe has a set of trainers from NIM (National Institute of Mountaineering ) who are certified from NIM and experts in teeing the node in mountains for climbing. We have done various setups of adventure activities as per climes, budget, and available Land area. We also provide equipment related to adventure spots.

List of Rope Course Activities

1.       Zip Line:

2.       Suspension Bridge

3.       Burma Brize

4.       Parallel Rope

5.       Tire wall

6.       Commando Net

7.       Power Lape Bar

8.       Zig zack

9.       Net Crowing

10.   Monky Corwin

11.   Cat Walk

12.   Zumaring

13.   Rope ladder

14.   Tyre Bridge

15.   Tyre Crossing

16.   Rock Climbing

17.   Zorbing

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