School Student Tour Of Delhi Corbett Nainital

School Group Tour in Aug’2019 of Delhi Public School, Assam


School days are the best days of life your most of memorable moments are from the school days, and if it’s a talk of school tour it should be awesome, as our last tour of school group from Assam they came to Delhi for Delhi and Uttrakhand tour.basically it was a tour of 3 Nights /4 Days to explore 3 cities, Capital city Delhi, cities of Taal Nainital and best national park of India Jim Corbett.

Pre –Tour:

It was a long tied day I was on the way to home from office and I got a call from some random no he asked me for school tour booking, he told me one of my old client gave my reference to him, I asked him to share his details, he sent it to me on what’s app most of corporate and schools are not dealing on What’s app but we have to deal client on the level of his comfort zone, so client suggested some Itinerary  which don’t feel like its technically possible so I have suggested him a low time consuming Itinerary, because there flight is already booked and that the positive point we know that exactly how much time we have to consume. so we suggested share the  3 types of package to client 1) premium package 2). Deluxe package 3) budget package

  • In Premium package all the hotels are luxuries and buses are Volvo and all the transfers are from Innova Cresta and en-routes meals are on luxury hotels
  • In Deluxe package all the hotels are premium resorts and buses are semi Volvo all the transfers are from Innova and en-routes are on 3 star luxury restaurants.
  • And as per name Budget package all the Hotels are 3 star and buses are a/c coach and transfers are from Tabera and En routes are on simple Restaurants. 

My client like to have a deluxe package and he like all the suggested hotels except Nainital he wants Hotel on main mall road river facing, I search for a lot of options but I feel like all the hotels on main mall road either they are 5 star or they are budget hotels there is no 3 star Resort, so I convince client to take one of most 3 star luxuries resort and transfer to mall road by Innova all the time, and they are okay with it and they take book it after a little negotiation .

On tour:

Day 1:

 And the day has arrived to start tour, our tour coordinators picked client from airport and transfer to the Delhi Hotels. We have booked all rooms on double sharing so we booked 20 rooms for students and 1 room for teachers but we got a problem that there are 3 teachers and one of them is female and other two are male so, they are asking for 1 more room but hotel will charge for  room in that case we count the students there are 19 girls and 21 boys so in that case we can’t  give 1 room to  girl and boy student together so after a long conversation we have suggested to client that female teacher to take room with 1 girl and the boy to adjust with their friends, they are okay with it.

Day 2:

It’s a day to Delhi darshan all the students are was very excited, our tour guide was on time and we explore the best places of Delhi students love the places and in evening they ask for time to go mall of Delhi but that was not in our itinerary, so we arrange it in the nearest mall and gave them time of 2 hour because we have to leave for Nainital on same night all the en-route arrangements were on time, so we make all the arrangement shifted 2 hrs from exact time.

Day 3:

It was very smooth day all student s were reached Nainital in early morning, some of them take rest some of them go for sight seen due to rain most of them take rest only.

Day 4:

On this day after check out we make free student for rome around mall road and shopping after lunch in a Restaurant at Mall road we left for the Jim Corbett, in the evening we arrange DJ night and lavish dinner at Resort.

Day 5:

In Early morning 6 AM, we sent student for jungle adventure for jungle safari and after that we cover the rest sight seen of Corbett and till evening we leave for Delhi Airport because there flight was on 4:00 AM in the morning , cline  was reached on airport 2:00 AM in the Morning.

Post tour:

After full tour school principle what’s app me that there students have great experience and wish me luck for the future.

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