Durgapura is a metropolitan city in district in the state of West Bengal, India. Durgapura is the 3rd largest Urban Agglomeration after Kolkata and Asansol in West Bengal. It is the only city in Eastern India to have an Operational Dry Clock. Durgapura is in the Burdwan district of West Bengal, on the bank of the Damodar River. It is about 170km from the city of Kolkata. The place is brimming with temples, old- world markets, parks and even a barrage. If you are looking for authentic destination, Durgapura is the place to be. Here you can find the best hotels accommodation in Durgapura to stay with peace and welcoming hospitality.

Art & Culture of Durgapura

One of the many things that Durgapura is famous for its exquisite collection of temples. The Ram Mandir is the most popular temple in Durgapura, dedicated to lord Rama; the beautiful stone temple is filled with intricate sculptures, colorful deities and ringing bells. Durgapura should be ideally visited any time as this place is the best place to explore authentic places. Durgapura is the place where tourist feels the vibes of ancient and authentic things.Hotels in Durgapura are also a best thing when it comes to stay in Durgapura.

Places to Visit in Durgapura

There is a lot of destination in Durgapura to explore with the feel of spiritual. Durgapura is famous for the plethora of temples it has to offer. The Ram Mandir is the most famous mandir in the Bidhan Nagar Area, the temple dedicated to Lord Rama. Bhabani Pathak’s tilla is one of the most prime attractions in Durgapura. One of the prime attractions of the Durgapura city, The Durgapura Barrage is built to control the overflowing Damodar River in the Monsoons. The Barrage also connects Durgapura with Bankura. Durgapura Steel Plant is one of the integrated plants of Steel Authority of India Limited. Duel Park is the place if you are nature’s child, then take a bus and head down this expanse of green forests that have been turned into a resort. Troinka park is prime spot of Durgapura with full of family rides, water sports and boating.

Things to Do in Durgapura

With families and children, in Durgapura one can stay for long due to its parks and picnic spots. Best accommodation in Durgapura is best to stay which gives you the picturesque views from hotel’s window. The parks of this city with water sports are the thing you can go for with your family. Tourist can also explore the other attractions like Troika Park, Deer Park, Srijony Art Gallery and Science & Energy Park. Enjoy the best time in Durgapura with your loved ones in best hotels in Durgapura.

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