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  • Botanix Nature Resort

    place Damdama Lake   date_range Single Day Package

    Botanix Resort is located in Damdama Lake, Botanix Nature Resort is a lovely day Picnic Spots at a distance of around 57 km from Delhi. Gurgaon is closest to this nature hub. Be it families or corpora ...

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  • Ariise Farm Manesar

    place Manesar   date_range Single Day Package

    Be it boredom, weariness, depression or monotony, all you need is a chilling day out in a soothing and relaxing destination. Only at a distance of 10 km from Manesar Chowk in Gurgaon lies a village ca ...

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  • Party Venues in Gurgaon

    placedate_range Single Day Package

    Party Venues in GurgaonCelebrations mark important milestones in our lives, and it all starts even before we are born with the Baby Shower, a celebration of a soon-to-be arrival. Our parents organize ...

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  • Blowsom Adventure Camp

    placedate_range Single Day Package

    Why Blowsom farm Resort is a Best place for outing near Delhi? Blowsom farm resort is one of the most popular Resorts in Gurgaon. When we hear word “picnic” we remind of our childhood ...

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  • Village Adventure

    place Noida   date_range Single Day Package

    Noida is a part of Delhi NCR which is great during summer due to its amazing day picnic spot with a name Village Adventure. It is a village like spot offering several fun-filled activities and a relax ...

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  • Turtle Farm Resort

    place Manesar   date_range Single Day Package

    People are getting wired to get busy. But they are unknown of the side-effects of their busy schedules. It’s very important to give yourself a break and going for a day-out during your weekends ...

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  • The Rural Urban Village

    place Ghaziabad   date_range Single Day Package

    Shrouded in simplicity, Indian villages are the best places to observe the traditional way of living. A sense of belongingness is aroused when you find yourself in the natural environment of village. ...

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  • Lohagarh Farms, Gurgaon

    placedate_range Single Day Package

    Lohagarh Farms Gurgaon, The perfect Day Outing to make you child again is none other than Lohagarh Farms nestled near Badshahpur in Sohna Road. The entire farm is shrouded in an appearance of village. ...

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  • Family Kingdom Faridabad

    place Faridabad   date_range Single Day Package

    Lying on the Delhi - Agra National Highway (NH-2), Family Kingdom is a resort dressed in complete village look with heart-warming amenities which reminds you your own village. It is one of the best da ...

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  • Damdama Lake Picnic

    place Damdama Lake   date_range Single Day Package

     Having fun near lakes is a desire for all and within two hours of driving distance, people from Delhi can arrive upon the largest lake of Haryana which is popularly known as Damdama Lake. This l ...

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  • Camp Wild Dhauj

    placedate_range Single Day Package

    Set upon the banks of enchanting Dhauj Lake, Camp Wild Dhauj is a fun-filled Day outing against the backdrop of huge rocks. It comprises of 12 acres of land in a small village of Mangar in Faridabad. ...

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  • Camp Sierra

    placedate_range Single Day Package

    If you are in Delhi and wondering if there is any place where you can have a perfect day with fun and food, take a metro to Rajendra Place, Shadipur or Patel Nagar and find Ramjas Sports Complex. On e ...

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  • Blue Camp Damdama Lake

    place Damdama Lake   date_range Single Day Package

    Bird watching, rock climbing, amazing views of Aravali hills, tons of adventure activities, delicious cuisines, a friendly environment and more than this are offered by an adventure camp based near Da ...

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  • Village Masti Farm Resort Gurgaon

    placedate_range Single Day Package

    Physical tiredness and mental exhaustion are common in this so called fast-paced life. There is no escape from work. All we can have is weekend offs and holidays in between. To rejuvenate yourself, al ...

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Picnic Spots

The term , Picnic initially came into existence in 1962, when it was used to collectively resemble a group of people who dines together in a restaurant and bring their own wine. Since the early 19th Century, Picnic was elaborated as an outing event where all the participating individuals contribute from their end. It can be any gathering of two or more people sharing food and moments for entertainment. Picnic are mostly organized at lunch time and sometimes even at dinner. Individuals can customize their outings as per their desires and filters the best suited set of activities, meals and destinations. Picnics can be arranged for a number of purposes, each having its own aim and way of execution.


Common Picnic Companions:-


Depending upon the purpose and group interests, there exist a number of factors that should be taken into consideration while going for a picnic outing in Delhi NCR. The high dose of conveniences and entertainment served to the visitors ensures them to witness the most memorable moments of their life. To make such moments, there are some must have essentials that should be kept along with while going for picnic outings. While you are going for your desired picnic in Delhi NCR, you should have the below mentioned companions with you.

While going outdoors for one day picnic in the beating summers, don't forget to take care of your sensitive skin. Always bag Sunscreen lotions and never let your sensitive skin to spoil your outing fun.

As you are moving out to make your leisure moments more enjoyable and memorable, don't forget to keep your cameras with you. Capturing your quality time spend with your dear ones will let you to capture the best memories of your life in virtual memory.


Outcomes of Best Picnic Experience:-


The very first vital advantage of picnic outings is bonding. As per psychology, the best way to improve relations in any segment of life is to communicate. Inter personal interactions contributes in improving peoples relationships. Families as well as corporate groups witness an impressive flow of communication among the participants while they are on their desired picnic outing in Delhi NCR. Being the key to happiness, communication flow leads to chit chats, ideal gestures and more interactive entertainment channels. It allows the participants to know each other more deeply and hence it allows them to get better insight of each others life. Picnic outings allow the individuals to give a break to themselves from their regular routine.

One Day Picnic provides a pleasant and relaxing environment to the participants to drain their daily life's stress. It allows the guardians to monitor their childs social lifestyle. How they interact with other children? How they interact publically? What is their public gesture? Picnic outings spots in Delhi NCR witness answers to all such questions. Also, children as well as guardians have a chance to interact and get closer to each other.


These days more than 90% of population is facing the deficiency of Vitamin D. The major reason for this deficiency is the high in door lifestyle. The richest natural source of Vitamin D is sunlight but individuals are unable to get this because of the more indoor lifestyle. Most of the time spend by people is inside their workplace and home which leads for a minimum exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D is vital for removing depression, fatigue and irritability but its deficiency is leading towards negative effects. Picnic outings help you in getting rid of this condition, as it provides an impressive exposure to sunlight. Breathing in fresh air, spending the leisure time under open sky and allowing your body to absorb the goodness of sun makes you improve your health. Also, the number of activities and games availed at these picnic spots in Delhi NCR also allows the kids, teens, youth and other individuals to give an energetic dose to their muscles.


A break from the regular stressful life is required to drain the stress and boost up the creativity as well, that's why most of the corporate and family groups schedule picnics on a regular interval of time. Following the same busy routine on regularly basis will somehow demolish your creativity. Exposure to sunlight and interaction with green and fresh surroundings helps in reducing one's mental stress. Enjoying physical activities under the open blue sky makes you highly energetic and boost up the flow of positive energy in you. Picnic outings permit you to fuel up the movement of positivity in you and let you to enhance your lifestyle.

Where to go For Day Outing:-

Picnic in Farm Houses: -

The Farm House Picnics provides an exciting opportunity for the visitors. Ideally located far away from the city congestion, these picnic spots reside beautifully in the Delhi NCR region. The farm house picnic mostly provide an amazing rural urban experience. Fresh organic food along with traditional concept of infrastructure results in getting a highly impressive appreciation from the visitors.


Adventure Camping:-


Perfectly placed far away from the city hustle bustle, day picnic and one day outings at adventure camps serves the most peaceful and adventure embedded outing experience. Camping huts made with canvas are provided for the stay which let you to enjoy the real camping experience. Also, number of adventure activities like ATV rides, rock climbing and more enhances your outing experience to be more exciting and memorable.

Parks For Picnic:-

A get together with your friends and family under the roof of large open sky is quite vital in making your bonds deeper. Such outings are quite pocket friendly and help you to save a big amount of money. Also, the participants can enjoy self cooking, food sharing and spend their leisure time with each other. Such gatherings are filled with blast of entertainment provided by traditional games like kho-kho, kabaddi and more.

One Day Outing in Amusement and Water Parks:-

Number of rides and plays spread over a large area of land yields the most ideal entertainment parks for the visitors. Amusement as well as water parks witness numerous family, school, office and friends group picnic in Delhi NCR. As visitors can enjoy food, dance, rides and water fun which allows them to celebrate a complete set of entertainment and remove any kind of stress.

Picnic Spots for day outings are vital in refreshing the senses of the participants. It takes the individuals far away from the daily life congestion and let them experience a mind blowing bunch of activities with their dear ones during their leisure time. One can choose their desired destinations, activities and style of entertainment as per their interests. Depending upon the style of entertainment and group strength you are going with, one can opt their desired picnic types. The picnic types are categorized on the basis of the group strengths and picnic goals.

1. Corporate Picnic Spots : -

If we consider the current day scenario, office groups prefer to go for an outing trip annually with their entire group. Startups aim to attain employee satisfaction by ensuring a pleasant work environment. The professional world is developing on a great pace; it emphasizes a great work pressure on professionals in order to enhance the productivity. But, somewhere in the race of productivity, individuals get occupied in their professional tasks so much that they don't find enough time to spend their leisure moments with their dear ones. Corporate picnics are scheduled in order to provide an exciting opportunity to the employees to drain out their work stress and refresh their senses.

2. Family Picnic Spots: -

Family Day picnic are conducted to make the inter relationship bonds stronger. Interactions are vital in improving any relationship. As inter person communications allow them to know more about each other and hence improve their relationships. Family picnics allow the cousin groups, relatives and newly engaged families especially the families of newly wedded couples to know more and get closer with each other. Communicating, interacting and spending moments with each other improve the relationships and strengthen the family bonds. As all gets occupied into their own professional, academic and social circle, family picnics allow the families to get closer with and spend quality time with each other.

3. Picnic Spots For School : -

Each and every school whether it's a private body or government operated, all conduct picnics for the enrolled students, at least once in every year. Picnics make it possible for the students to enhance their skills in extracurricular activities. It also allows the teachers to monitor their students in terms of other activities, also. Picnics permit the students to take part in numerous fun and entertainment activities. Such activities can be games, singing, dance, outdoor cooking and more. All the students are provided with appropriate refreshment to make them energetic to enjoy the entire picnic outing with the best experiences.

As Trvme We Do

With a well organized and sorted list of picnic spots in Delhi, Gurgaon and other nearby places, Trvme brings you the most beautiful and memorable moments of day picnic in Delhi. At the point when summer comes at you, or when the end of the week is not occupied with any home or based task, picnic resorts in Gurgaon has much more to offer you. It is critical to go to new places when you have shortage of time and inspiration at your back. What's more, perhaps the most ideal approaches to appreciate when you are lacking in time is to go for a day picnic in Delhi, Gurgaon and other nearby NCR regions and enjoy with your friends and family. Nothing genuinely beats the fun that you have with everybody when you proceed to investigate new places. What's more, being in Delhi, there are a lot of spots that you can go with your family, companions or accomplice and appreciate the harmony. These notable and some odd places in and close to Delhi are certain going to be on your plan for the day quite soon. To appreciate at probably the best picnic spot near Delhi, coming up next are the names that one ought to consistently remember, and consider to be their best choices for an end of the week escape close to Delhi.

Turtle farm resort also known as the Golden Turtle Farm Resort is probably the most beautiful and peaceful spots to experience as it is blessed with pleasant surroundings and richer greenery experiences inside it. Also, there are some more well organized picnic spots in Delhi and Gurgaon where you can have the best day picnic experiences like Lohagarh Farms, The Rural Urban Village, Damdama Lake, Camp Sierra, Village Masti and more. In any case, on the off chance that you don't wish too far away from the city, Hauz Khas is forever the widely adored spot for having a ton of fun inside the city. What's more, on the off chance that going far is your arrangement, at that point slope stations close to Delhi like Rishikesh, McLeodganj, Mussoorie and numerous other such names that are a little far away from the city, yet are a brilliant and welcome interruption from life.

Leave behind your congested and busy life routine and step into an outstanding universe of picnic spots near Delhi and enjoy the richer experience of day picnic in Gurgaon.

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