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  • Mysore is a major metropolitan situated in Karnataka under Chamundi Hills. The city having an old charm has everlastingly enchanted her admirers by exceptional charm, magnificent palaces, rich heritage, imposing buildings, beautifully laid-out gardens and sacred temples. Aromas of rose, sandalwood fragrances linger in the atmosphere of Mysore which has helped to earn it the title “Sandalwood City”. Ages before, a capital of Princely State Mysore, the city still splendidly maintains its royal charm. Mysore is considered as a primeval city in Asia which has undertaken a planned development.

  • Over hundreds of years Mysore has been converted to a cosmopolitan city with communities from different parts of life breathing together. The emperors of Mysore have established a well-built root for communal compatibility by making generous additions towards nucleus points of all religions. The ultimate expression of cultural unity is witnessed during the ten daylong Dusshera festivals. The celebration exhibits the display of dolls, decoration of houses, distribution of sweets to the neighbours and their children. Mysore’s culture represents the charm of old traditions and eventsof Mysore and the culture stands in a form of discrete identity.

    • Mysore Palace

    India’s proud possession and another most visited places, Mysore palace is known for its incredible man-crafted edifice. Its palatial structure narrates several tales of complex and intriguing past.

    • Chamundi Hills

    Chamundi Hills is the landmark of Mysore. It is renowned for a temple built in 11th century which has been renovated by government and turned a tourist spot.

    • Mysore Zoo

    Mysore Zoo, formerly known as Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens offers wonderful experience of wildlife.In India, it is amongst the oldest zoos constructed in 1892.

    • St. Philomena’s Church

    Built in Gothic form of architecture, St. Philomena’s Church considered as a largest church in Indian subcontinent.

    • Royal Mysore Walks

    Royal Mysore Walk is a guided tour throughout the city and its century old market with experts is a valuable offer for holiday budgets. This walking tour is available for each day in a week.

    • Trekking

    For invigorating exercise, spending an entire day for trekking to the top of the Chamundi hill will be a good option for travellers.

    • Planning a Picnic

    The picturesque view of the Thonnur Lake and the immense beauty of the blue sky provide an assurance for a refreshing day with family and friends. Photo-lovers ensure the fun capturing the incredible beauty of that lake and surroundings.


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