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Gurgaon becomes Forest of Buildings and flyovers, Peoples are going away from the ethenic tings of our culture. Nowadays kids are but with internet games, adults are mostly having target-oriented Jobs. Lots of pressure and frustration are there. Everyone is busy with their works. Keeping these problems in mind Team TrvMe came up with the idea of “how to get destressed “whenever you get free time when you get time whether it is the weekend of any family or friends member’s birthday and you don’t want to spend much time in travel. We are having associated with various unique theme-based resorts in around near Gurgaon where you go and relax with your near and dears. Below are the theme available to us:

Adventure Activities Based Hotel & Resort in Gurgaon -

Adventure Activities are consisting of Rope Corse Adventures Like Burma Bridge, Suspension Bridge, Mogliwalk, Parallel rope balance Walk, etc comes into these categories. The Resorts having these facilities are Blowsom Resort, Park Ridge Resort, Botanix Resort, Surjeevan Resort.

Village Theme Based Hotel & Resort in Gurgaon -

The resorts that have tried to showcase the ancient village Like Blowsom, Surjeevan, Aris Farms, etc, They have old games which forefathers have placed like Gulli Danda, Lattu, Pithhu, Kanche, and many more. They also serve foods like Makke Ki Roti with Sarso ka Saag, Matthe, Chach, etc

Camping Based Hotel & Resorts -

No needs to Travel anymore to the hills or deserts, camping facilities started in Gurgaon itself. Various Resorts resorts in Gurgaon offer camping Like Awara Camps, Camp Wild Dhauj, Wildex camp, Blowsom Camp, Village Masti, Rock Spots, Botanix, Damdama Nature, Fly India, Etc.

Recreational Activities Sports Based Resorts in Gurgaon -

If you are sick of your daily life routine and do not have much time to travel then we have thriller activities concepts that make your day adventures near Delhi or NCR within 2 hrs of drive. and some games send you into Nostalgia like - Lattu, Kit kit, kanche, gully danda, cricket. which refreshes your mind to work more promtly, Hotel &Resort in Gurgaon with various activities, fun games as per your requirement these activities not only refresh your mind but also help to fit your body.

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