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  • Kerala New Year Package

    place Kerala   date_range 2 Nights / 3 Days

    Kerala New Year PackageExperience an unforgettable New Year's celebration in the enchanting land of Kerala with our exclusive New Year package. Kerala, known as "God's Own Country," offers a perfect b ...

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  • Kerala Destination Wedding Venue

    place Kerala   date_range 1 Nights / 2 Days

    Kerala Destination Wedding VenueKerala is a popular destination for weddings, with its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality making it an ideal location for couples see ...

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  • Kerala Corporate Tour

    place Kerala   date_range 1 Nights / 2 Days

    Kerala Corporate Tour PackagesKerala is a state located in the southwestern region of India. Known for its scenic beauty, cultural heritage, and unique cuisine, Kerala is a popular destination for tou ...

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  • Kerala Honeymoon Package

    place Kerala   date_range 1 Nights / 2 Days

    Kerala Honeymoon Tour PackageKerala is a beautiful state located in the southwestern region of India. It is known for its serene backwaters, lush green landscapes, exotic wildlife, and beautiful beach ...

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  • Kerala Tour with Munnar Alleppey

    place Kerala   date_range 4 Nights / 5 Days

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  • Kerala Tour with Munnar Thekkady

    place Kerala   date_range 3 Nights / 4 Days

    Kerala Tour with Munnar Thekkady ...

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  • Kerala Tour with Athirapally Falls

    place Kerala   date_range 1 Nights / 2 Days

    Kerala Tour with Athirapally Falls ...

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  • Kerala Tour with Alleppey Kumarakom

    place Kerala   date_range 2 Nights / 3 Days

    Kerala Tour with Alleppey Kumarakom ...

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  • Kerala Tour with Munnar

    place Kerala   date_range 2 Nights / 3 Days

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  • Kerala Tour with Kumarakom Alleppey Kovalam

    place Kerala   date_range 4 Nights / 5 Days

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  • Kerala Tour with Munnar

    place Kerala   date_range 4 Nights / 5 Days

    Kerala Tour with Munnar Thekkady Alleppey:-Kerala is calling you. Do you know why? It is because Kerala is one of the best places to spend the most relaxing trips in South India. Its palm-lined beache ...

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Its rich plantation including mountains is nuzzled in Western Ghats. The wildlife is rich due to presence of national parks and sanctuaries. So anyone who is looking for a perfect holiday vacation in the lap of nature is sure to go to Kerala and yes it calls due to its immense beauty.

Kerala Tour Packages is among the most admired tour packages in India. Regardless your are travelling with your friends, family or even on your honeymoon trip, Kerala Trip Packages greet all with something memorable. Kerala trip is marked up with engaging occasion goals that draw the consideration of the sightseers from everywhere throughout the world. It is where you can take joy of an unbelievable occasion. This state in South India savors outstanding vibe that makes it among the most looked for after the travel industry spots of India. It has all that one could dream. In the event that you are an explorer searching for the sake of entertainment, energy, and some loosening up time in the midst of nature, at that point Kerala Tour Package comes in rescue and offer the most memorable moments of your life. Our Kerala Trip Packages are created remembering your every need as we fastidiously pick the spots to visit and encounters to offer. From family get-away to special night, from an outing with companions to solo travel, we have packages for your desire Kerala Tour that accommodates your inclination without flaw! So be it an occasion intend to investigate the best sea shores or the natural life asylums of Kerala or the celebrated backwaters or hill stations, you can generally discover your beat right here with us.

There is no misrepresentation in Kerala's status as 'God's own nation', for by what other method does one clarify its lovely 600-kilometer stretch of undisturbed coastline evading the Arabian Sea, the palm-bordered sea shores, a system of slow backwaters home to a dynamic rustic life, the foggy tea-shrouded Western Ghats, natural life stores overflowing with endemic widely varied vegetation and zest estates spinning out of control on its valleys and slope slants. One of the nation's cleanest states, and maybe the friendliest as well, it is a flat out joy going around, visiting the authentic sanctuaries and historical centers in Trivandrum, getting a cut of the oceanic history in Cochin (Kochi) or taking a pontoon ride to islands like Mattancherry to follow its Jewish roots. Add to it a culture that is characterized by beautiful society workmanship and move frames, a food that is unobtrusive yet liberal in its utilization of flavors, and an enthusiasm for Ayurveda that vows to calm fatigued nerves. Basically loosen your walk and let every one of its sights and smell wrap you. Whether you are looking for Popular Kerala Theme Packages, Kerala Honeymoon Packages and Kerala Adventure Packages, leave behind your concerns and gear up to enjoy the most outstanding moments of your life.

Some of the must visit tourist spots of Kerala Tour Package are:-

Alleppey: Kerala's escape into the backwaters, Alleppey or Alappuzha is a mind boggling system of conduits that is choc-a-hinder with a thousand houseboats either moored or motoring down a work of channels. A significant center point for the state's coir industry, the Alleppey backwaters stretch to its south, north and east and carry you up close and personal with some great country landscape that you will recall for opportunity to arrive. You could settle on the overwhelming rice freight ships or the houseboat and let it bring you down the Kollam course in its slow pace.

Wayanad: A Kerala excursion commands a visit to Wayanad, its wild northern area that offers fringes with Karnakata and Tamil Nadu. A significant elephant passageway, Wayanad encompassed by the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve which is a part of the Western Ghats makes an amazing mountain view. As you investigate further, a canvas opens up before you of bursting green paddy fields, betel nut forests, bamboo wildernesses, fields of ginger bushes, and ranches of espresso, cardamom, elastic and eucalyptus.

Fortification Kochi: Among spots to visit in Kerala, you should take off to Fort Kochi. For over 600 years, voyagers, brokers and wayfarers have discovered their way to this port city, a sparkling pearl of South India. This has prompted an intermixing of societies show in its Chinese angling nets, classical mosques, a 450-year-old Jewish synagogue, customary homes from the Portuguese and Dutch period, just as the quick blurring relics from the British principle.

Varkala: Varkala has off late increased tremendous ubiquity with Russian travelers who remain at an informal lodging or one of the Ayurvedic resorts on its 15-meter-high laterite precipices overwhelming with coconut forests avoiding a rough Arabian Sea. This one of a kind setting of Varkala, around 50 kilometers northwest of Trivandrum, makes it a sanctuary for explorers and searchers of a peaceful retreat.

Munnar: At Munnar, experience the sentiment of being over the mists taking a gander at the display of a dim valley covered by splendidly manicured tea nurseries rising and falling into the separation. The etched shapes of the moving, emerald-green tea bequests characterize the lower Western Ghats view. As you drive around Munnar, you will understand that the setting isn't simply amazing, it very well may be very vexing as well. A tea nursery blazing a lively green one minute back can vanish under a cover of mists at the squint of an eye. In spite of a lot of traffic growls, it is somewhat simple to escape off the street and grasp an ocean of green, and obviously harmony and calm.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: Among South India's debut untamed life saves, the Periyar Tiger Reserve spread out more than 777-square-kiilometre including a 26-square-kilometer man-made lake, made by the British, is a top draw for both household and universal explorers. Home to around 2000-odd elephants, beside buffalo, sambars, langurs, the subtle tiger and an abundance of winged animal life from cormorants, hornbills, the Nilgiri wood pigeon, darters to snickering thrushes, you can investigate the profundities of the Periyar wilderness either through a trek along its slope or a picturesque pontoon voyage.

Best time to visit Kerala

High season: Peak season in Kerala is among September and March post rainstorm when the stickiness and the warmth clear a path for a progressively wonderful climate with temperature floating somewhere in the range of 23 and 32 degree Celsius. The period among November and January is the winter season when the skies are clear, the daylight is clear and brilliant and there is a delicate nip noticeable all around dusk. This is the best time to go in a houseboat or go to backwater goals like Alleppey and Kumarakom. Likewise, when you should investigate the cloudy tea bequests of Munnar or take a wharf ride to the Mattancherry Palace in Cochin.

Off season: Any time among April and May is the low season in Kerala. The warmth and mugginess are high in these noticeable summer months and you will see less groups any place you go. The sea shores are ruined, the landmarks are unfilled, the shacks have winded up and the lodgings are running vacant. The sloping territories of Wayanad and Munnar are prevalent decisions in this season for their cooler atmosphere and strengthening mountain breeze. In the fields, this is a decent time to get inn limits.

Ayurveda season: The rainstorm long stretches of June, July and August when it pours in Kerala and the oceans turn wild, are simply the best to spoil with a restoring Ayurvedic treatment at one of Kerala's Ayurveda resorts or centers. The finish of the drought, the tumultuous breezes and the resulting bringing down of temperatures make it ideal to encounter an extraordinary Ayurvedic knead and pursue the recommended eating regimen diagram.

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