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  • The country with unique shape of its flag representing blue border as peace, red color as its official flower rhododendron, crescent moon as the royal house and the sun as its Rana family is a secular country of Nepal. This is an Asian landlocked country entirely surrounded by India and China. It is greatly influenced by Hinduism and houses many beautiful religious places to visit. The friendly nation of Nepal welcomes Indians without any visa. One must choose this destination to spend an exciting holiday vacation. Visit Nepal and explore its art and culture. Gain a great experience by having fun out the top things to do here.

  • Art and Culture in Nepal

    Nepal shows great combination of religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. Moreover Muslims form the third largest population here. Many temples, pagodas, terracotta, and stupas are present here which are of great religious importance. Dashain and Tihar are the largely celebrated festivals in Nepal. Dashain is dedicated to Goddess Durga and Tihar to Goddess Laxmi. During these festivals, the traditional food such as Sel roti is made which is a very delicious sweet. Budhha Jayanti is also celebrated in the month of May or June. Nepali is the language spoken by Nepalese and they are very friendly.

  • Places To Visits in Nepal

    Most of the places to visit in Nepal are religious such as temples. Other than this famous national park is also here.

    Pashupatinath Temple: This is the most sacred temple in Nepal in its capital Kathmandu. Set upon the banks of Bagmati River, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is the top Shiva temple in whole Asia.

    Boudhanath: It is the famous stupa in Kathmandu and its mandala is the most noteworthy structure here.

    Swayambhunath: It is the prominent and the ancient Buddhist temple sitting on top of a hill in Kathmandu. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a must visit place in Nepal.

    Chitwan National Park: The first national park of Nepal is a wonderful place for wildlife lovers. It is hoem to rare animals like the one-horned rhinos and Bengal tigers. Located in the Terai lowlands of South-central Nepal in Chitwan district, it is serving as one of the best places

  • Things to Do in Nepal

    • Go for mountain biking in Kathmandu valley
    • Head out to climb Mount Everest
    • Trek in Nepal
    • Bird watching in Chitwan National Park
    • Explore Tharu Village in Chitwan
    • Visit Pokhara
    • Rafting on the Bhote Koshi River
    • Stroll around Patan Durbar Square


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