Golden Chariot's Pride Southbound Journey Awaits

  • Golden Chariot's Pride Southbound Journey Awaits
  • Golden Chariot's Pride Southbound Journey Awaits
  • Golden Chariot's Pride Southbound Journey Awaits
  • Bangalore: Experience a Cultural Show and visit the ISKCON temple.
  •  Kabini: Embark on a Boat Safari in Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary.
  •  Mysore: Explore Mysore Palace and Lalitha Mahal.
  •  Hassan: Discover the 10th-century Hoysala architecture of Belur and Halebeedu.
  •  Hampi: Witness the Temple Ruins (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).
  •  Badami: Visit the Rock-cut Caves and Temples of Pattadakal.
  •  Goa: Explore Portuguese Churches.
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  • "Pride of the South" tour aboard the Golden Chariot, India's sole luxury train venturing through the captivating realms of South India. Discover the medieval charm of Karnataka and the pristine beaches of Goa, promising an inspiring journey for your senses. This expedition seamlessly blends historical and cultural odysseys, wildlife encounters, and encounters with natural beauty. Treasure the moments exploring significant sites and cultural treasures across South India. Delve into the itinerary details provided below, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of heritage, history, and natural splendor that awaits on this unforgettable sojourn.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About "Golden Chariot's Pride Southbound Journey Awaits"

    Q1: What is the itinerary for the Golden Chariot's Pride Southbound Journey?
    A: The journey covers iconic destinations in South India, including historic sites, cultural landmarks, and natural wonders. Specific details may vary based on the chosen package.

    Q2: How long is the Golden Chariot's Pride Southbound Journey?
    A: The duration of the journey depends on the selected itinerary. Typically, it spans several days to ensure a comprehensive exploration of each destination.

    Q3: What are the key attractions included in the Southbound Journey?
    A: Highlights may include visits to historic palaces, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, wildlife sanctuaries, and cultural experiences unique to South India.

    Q4: Are meals included in the Golden Chariot's Pride package?
    A: Yes, the package usually includes all meals, ensuring a delightful culinary experience featuring local and international cuisines.

    Q5: What types of accommodations are provided on the Golden Chariot?
    A: The Golden Chariot offers luxurious cabins with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and opulent stay throughout the journey.

    Q6: Are guided tours included during off-train excursions?
    A: Yes, expert guides accompany off-train excursions, providing insightful information about the historical and cultural significance of each destination.

    Q7: How is transportation arranged between destinations?
    A: Transportation methods include the Golden Chariot train itself, as well as coaches or jeeps for off-train excursions. The specific details are outlined in the tour package.

    Q8: Is the journey suitable for solo travelers or families?
    A: Yes, the Golden Chariot's Pride Southbound Journey is designed to accommodate solo travelers, couples, and families, offering a unique blend of luxury and cultural exploration.

    Q9: Can special dietary requests be accommodated?
    A: The Golden Chariot aims to cater to dietary preferences and restrictions. It's advisable to inform the organizers in advance to ensure a personalized dining experience.

    Q10: How can I book the Golden Chariot's Pride Southbound Journey and inquire about specific details?
    A: Booking and inquiries can be made through the official website or authorized travel agents. Contact them directly for detailed information and assistance in planning your memorable Southbound Journey with the Golden Chariot.



    • Day 1

      Sunday: Bengaluru to Bandipur.

      rrive at Yeshvantpur Railway Station around 0845 hrs. Onboard tour briefing and lunch. Disembark at Nanjangud Town at 1400 hrs, followed by a 50 km road journey to Bandipur. Enjoy an evening safari at Bandipur from 1630 to 1830 hrs. Return to the train for dinner. The train then proceeds to Mysore, stationing overnight in the city.
    • Day 2

      Monday in Mysore

      Enjoy breakfast onboard, visit Mysore Palace, return for lunch on the train. Optionally explore Srirangapatnam, and conclude the day with a delightful dinner onboard.
    • Day 3

      Explore Halebidu, Chikmagalur on Tuesday.

      Enjoy breakfast on the train upon arrival at Banavar Railway Station. Embark on a visit to Halebidu from Banavar at 08:00 hrs, returning to the train by 11:30 hrs. After lunch onboard, disembark at 15:00 hrs to explore plantations, indulge in coffee tasting, and have dinner before returning to the train.
    • Day 4

      Wednesday at Hampi.

      After an early onboard breakfast, explore Hampi ruins, enjoy lunch onboard, and savor an Indian evening experience on the journey.
    • Day 5

      Explore Pattadakal and Aihole.

      After breakfast onboard, optional visit to Badami Caves. (200 steps to climb). Lunch onboard. 1415 hrs deboard to visit Pattadakal and Aihole. Dinner onboard.
    • Day 6

      Friday in vibrant Goa

      Indulge in breakfast on board, followed by a visit to the Churches of North Goa and Museum. Enjoy lunch on the train, then disembark for a Bollywood Evening and dinner at a resort/hotel. Return to the train by 21:45 hrs as it continues its journey to Yeshwantpur.
    • Day 7

      .Saturday in Bengaluru.

      Conclude the journey with breakfast served onboard.

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