Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages

  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages
  • Manali to Leh Cycling Tour Packages

Essential Things to Know About the Trip

Total number of Days & Night - 11 Days & 10 Nights

Cycling Route with Distance - Manali to Leh (600 KM) via Manali-Leh Highway

Number of the cyclist in a group - 40 - 50 cyclists (Maximum)

Altitude Range - Nearly 4000 feet to17500 feet

Weather - 16ºC

Best time to hit the trip - June to September

Difficulty Level -  Moderate (Will is all you need)

Stay - Hotels|Guesthouse|Tents 

Cycle on Rent -  Available at shops in Manali (with extra charges)

Help Support - 24x7 support vehicles with a group of expert staffs

Highlights of the Trip

The breathtaking Manali to Leh cycling expedition 2020 will cover some of the much sought after destinations which will literally drive you crazy.

  • Top Tourist Places - Manali and Leh Ladakh
  • Highest Mountain Passes - Rohtang La (13051 feet), Baralacha La (16043 feet), Nakee La (15551 feet ), Lachulung La (16598 feet), Taglang La (17480 feet)
  • Offbeat Destinations - Naggar, Marhi, Khoksar Village, Tandi, Keylong, Jispa, Darcha, Patseo, Sarchu, Kiling Serai, Brandy Nallah, Whiskey Nallah, Gata Loops, Zanskar Range, Pang, More Plains, Tso Kar, Rumtse, Upshi,  Thiksey etc.
  • Lakes - Tso Kar Lake
  • Falls - Rohalla Falls
  • Rivers -Chandra River, Bhaga River, Kyammar River, Indus River

Bring the Following Useful Stuff Before Starting the Trip:

  • A backpack for carrying handy pieces of stuff
  • Water Bottles (It is good to carry water bottles so that you can refill it anytime.)
  • Hydration Bag (Best for keeping you hydrated)
  • Rain Jacket in case you get caught in rain.
  • Cash instead of cards. (It is always wise to carry cash to offbeat destinations)
  • Bin liner
  • Personal body care materials
  • Woolen clothes


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  • A Short Message from TrvMe

    Greetings to all the Risk-Takers!

    We love to see the enthusiasm of light-hearted and cheerful people like you. Yes, you, who are reading this message at this very moment. It’s your passion for adventure which dragged you here. All of you have your own version of stories about cycling which everyone learns at a very young age of their life. Rewind your childhood memories in the unparalleled landscape of Leh Ladakh which is the dreamland of every cyclist and bikers from all around the planet. Embrace the unknown and let your experiences become an inspiring voice for those people with ‘I would love to but I can’t’ expressions.

    We are eagerly looking forward to lending our ears to the exciting stories and cycling experiences of all the people out there. Wishing you an inspiring trip!

    Overview of the Trip

    Manali to Leh Cycling Expedition 2020 is one and the only getaway to discover the dramatic landscapes of the cold mountainous deserted region of Leh Ladakh in the most energetic way by riding the cycles. Compared to bike or jeep, this pedal-driven vehicle can hit every untraveled land and in a playful manner, you will reach the places beyond your imaginations.

    Sometimes, we all dream to go to the lonely lands shrouded in the best versions of nature. We desire to escape to the places with mountains so that we can talk to them and can shout out loud in joy. This cycling tour is an unforgettable trip to get lost in the wildest version of nature from Manali to Leh Ladakh. Enjoy your spectacular journey from the beautiful states of Himachal Pradesh to Jammu and Kashmir. 


    Package Inclusions

    • You will be guided by the cyclist and biking experts of TrvMe throughout the trip who are familiar with the entire route of Manali to Leh.  
    • Support Vehicles full of logistics to fetch your all requirement.
    • Cycle mechanic to sort the basic problems out
    • Puncture Repair Kit
    • Healthy meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and soup suitable for high altitudes
    • Drinking Water
    • Group of staffs to offer you all type of hospitality
    • Tents provision in sharing basis at most of the stops
    • Hotel/Guesthouse provision in Leh
    • Sleeping bags
    • Sleeping mats
    • First aid kit
    • Oxygen cylinders
    • Forests permits
    • Wildlife Fees
    • Camping charges

    Package Exclusions

    • You have to carry your own cycles and gearing materials. You can get them on rent from several shops at Manali.
    • If you want to have food from dhabas or nearby hotels, you have to spend your own money.
    • During the stay at tents, if you wish to stay in nearby hotels, you have to stay on your own expenses.
    • If the health of any cyclist gets worst and seeks urgent medical help, we have to take them back to Manali. You have to pay additionally for that.
    • Flight expenses 
    • Day 1

      Gather at Manali.

      As you gather at Manali, you will be taken to either hotels or camps arranged by TrvMe. After unwinding yourself, go to the nearby markets to get all the essential materials related to your cycling tour such as cycles, helmet etc. Prepare yourself for the trip by cycling. The majestic Manali is one of the top touristy in India encompassed by eye-catching places. You can cycle towards Naggar which is a fascinating village of Kullu Valley set upon the bank of dazzling Beas River. You can also ride your cycle to Mall Road which is the major attraction of Manali famous for Tibetan handicrafts. In short, you can explore a bit of Manali along with cycling. At the end of the day, have food and take a better sleep.
    • Day 2

      Start cycling from Manali to Marhi.

      This is the day when you are going to start hitting the famous route to Leh on human-powered vehicles. Aha! Time to show your stamina! You will begin the first ascent to Marhi. It will be exciting as well as tiring which is perfectly fine. You no need to worry about anything as our supportive vehicles will be ready to deliver your every requirement. Perched at an altitude of 11000 feet, Marhi is a picture-perfect small town of Himachal Pradesh and a reward for you for riding 36 KM on your very first day of the cycling trip. There is no habitation in Marhi. It serves for travelers only. Camps will be arranged for the night. Have food and sleep like a log.
    • Day 3

      Continue cycling from Marhi to Sissu via Rohtang La.

      Rohtang La is one of the top mountain passes in Himachal Pradesh which connects Kullu Valley to Lahaul and Spiti Valley. All the mentioned valleys are no lesser than any magnificence. You will cycle for 16 km to climb Rohtang La which will not tire you much. Here you will get your another reward. Sitting at a height of more than 13000 feet, this angelic destination is surrounded by glaciers and mighty Himalayan peaks. You will be totally absorbed by the beauty of Rohtang La. From here, you will cycle downhill which is quite alarming but at the same time, you will feel an adventure coming your way. The distance from Rohtang La to Sissu is around 18 KM. At first, you will come across Khoksar Village from where you will be connected with the well-trodden roads to Sissu set upon the bank of Chandra River. Sissu is a lovely town in the Lahaul Valley of Himachal Pradesh. After cycling for 50 KM this day, stay in camps and sleep under the beautiful sky.
    • Day 4

      Cycling from Sissu to Jispa.

      After spending the night at Sissu, get ready for cycling towards Jispa. It is another village of Lahaul Valley and your stopover during the night. Lushed with high mountains and rivers on both sides, enjoy your movie-like ride towards Tandi and climb up to Keylong which is famous for its Kardang Monastery. Ride your cycles downwards to reach Jispa. Upon reaching, take rest. You can also take a dip in the water of Bhaga River which is located alongside the hushed village of Jispa. The total distance you cover this day is around 53 KM. You will spend the night either in a guesthouse or a camp.
    • Day 5

      Continue cycling from Jispa to Zing-Zing Bar by way of Patseo.

      Today you will commence your cycling tour from Jispa to Patseo which is perched at an altitude of 11975 feet. Before reaching Patseo, You will come across Darcha which offers you heart-warming scenic meadows. You can sit for a while and contemplate the charm of the place. Darchha serves as a perfect sojourn to refresh you. Keep on ascending to Patseo and upon reaching, you will head towards Zing Zing Bar. It is a tea house at an altitude of around 14009 feet. The ascent to Baralacha La pass begins from here which you will start next morning. You will rest here during the night. The total distance you cover this day is around 60 KM.
    • Day 6

      Ascending from Zing Zing Bar to Barachala La to reach Brandy Nallah via Sarchu (J&K).

      After getting up in the early morning, take breakfast and get ready to climb Baralacha La Pass sitting at a height of 16043 feet. Kick-start pedaling on the barren deserts. The level of oxygen decreases here. We advise you to ride slowly and don’t overexcite yourself. Finally, after riding for 16 KM, you will find yourself at chilly Baralacha La Pass that offers panoramic views of the Bara Shigri (largest glacier in Himachal Pradesh), Chenab River and Mulkila Peaks (Highest peak in Lahaul and Spiti). Half of your tiredness and hunger will vanish automatically when you spot them. Take lunch distributed by the support team. You can also enjoy lunch at nearby dhabas on your expenses. After refilling the energy to your body, you have to cycle on a rolling landscape to reach Sarchu which is a border area between Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. From Sarchu, you will ride for more than 15 KM to arrive at Brandy Nallah. During the night, you will feel extremely cold here. Carry extra warm clo
    • Day 7

      Cycling to Pang via Nakee La Pass and Lachulung La Pass.

      A series of 21 hairpin turns covering the distance of 7 KM is what known as Gata Loops. You have to cross this today. It’s not difficult. You will finish it soon. From Gata Loops, you will ascend to Nakee La Pass at an altitude of 15551 feet. Ride downwards and halt at Whiskey Nallah for resting and having lunch. From here you will begin climbing to the fourth mountain pass of this route called Lachulung La at a height of 16598 feet. From this pass, you will ride downwards and after finishing 20 KM, You will be at Pang. Pang is a stop between Sarchu and Leh. It is said that Pang is the world’s highest Army transit Camp. You will stay here overnight. You cycle for nearly 56 KM this day.
    • Day 8

      Riding from Pang to Tso Kar/Debring en route More Plains.

      You will be told to ride towards More Plains today. It is a stretch of 40 KM bordered by mountains on both sides. Ride continuously on More Plains at a height of 4800 meters. If the weather worsens, you no need to worry again. Our support vehicles will carry you. It is said that you can spot yaks here. After finishing More Plains, either you will stay at Debring or Kso Kar Lake. The distance of 52 KM will be finished this day.
    • Day 9

      Climbing from Tso Kar/ Debring to Taglang La Pass to reach Rumtse.

      Resting at a height of 17480 feet, breathtaking Tanglang La is the second highest motorable pass in the world. Climbing to this pass is quite difficult due to less amount of oxygen. But this is the star attraction of this Manali to Leh Cycling Expedition. After climbing for 20 KM, you will finally reach on top of Taglang La covered with colorful prayer flags. It has a small temple nearby where you can seek blessings of the deities. Amidst the freezing cold atmosphere, you will be overjoyed to find yourself at one of the most dramatic landscapes of Ladakh. After relishing this moment, you will begin riding downwards to Rumtse. Soon you will arrive here and will stay at the camp. The distance covered this day will be around 46 KM.
    • Day 10

      Arriving at your destination from Rumtse to Leh.

      Get excited to cycle towards your destination. This is the last day of your Manali to Leh Cycling Expedition. On the way, the barren lands will start disappearing and you will see the roads getting covered with flora and fauna again. You will arrive at Upshi which is a small village of Ladakh region in the Indus River Valley. You will cross a bridge across the longest river of Asia - the Indus River. After riding continuously, you will halt at Thiksey for lunch. Thiksey is a village famous for its Thiksey Monastery. After unwinding yourself for a while, you will again start cycling for 20 KM and finally, after covering it, you will be dumbfounded to see Leh which is a high desert city in the Himalayas. You will be taken to the guesthouses or hotels for stay. Relax, get excited, stroll around the town or do whatever you want. After cycling for 76 KM, it’s obvious that you are gonna take rest first.
    • Day 11

      Departure from Leh.

      Flights depart from Leh during morning only. So after getting up in the morning, have breakfast and get ready to catch your flights. Note: 1 Day will be Increase According to Riders Conditions.
  • 5starbased on 3 ratings
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      kanak kumari Mar 29, 2020

      We had a cycle trip from Manali to Leh and it was a great experience for us. We did not face any kind of problems during the journey. Big thanks to TrvMe Team.

      • star
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      kriti chauhan Mar 28, 2020

      My experience was very memorable, the view of the mountains on this trip is very beautiful, nice place for traking. all management very well.

      • star
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      • star
      • star

      Anshu Sep 27, 2019

      Excellent trek for cycling in Mountain. Very good caring ground staff and nice supporting vehicle staff ready to help any time. Overall lifetime experience for mountain cycling.

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